Join Farmer Tom on a tour of the Martinez garden and see what's blooming!

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Are you missing time in the garden???  
Spend some time with Farmer Tom as he shows you some of the deciduous trees that are growing in the Martinez garden!

DECIDUOUS     -shedding its leaves annually

A note from Farmer Tom!!  

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May 28, 2021
Summer is upon us, but the heat has not yet gotten to the garden at Martinez ES. In fact, the garden is looking amazing, full of health and vigor--and food! I harvested tomatoes, peppers, and the last of the apricots for myself, many of which I snacked on right then and there. I spent most of my time clearing out bed #4 of nearly all the cool season crops and weeds, leaving only a couple celery, onion, and beets to grow. I replanted that bed and planted under the lettuce of bed #8, as I expect those to bloom soon and will take them out then. I also found time to water the compost and use the drippings to fertilize bed #4 and in between the Kadota fig (#1) and Pomegranate tree (#2). My schedule changes with the summer, so from now until the fall semester begins, I will be visiting once every two weeks instead of every week. Have a great summer!

March 26, 2021
The Martinez Gardens are doing great! I harvested the largest of the cabbage and a couple of the lettuce heads to give to the office, but there is still plenty to harvest like the celery and more leafy greens like chard, mustard, and lettuce. I spent my time focused mostly on spreading more of the mulch around and am nearly finished with the pile, I should have it spread by the end of my next visit. The majority of my transplants have survived and there's plenty coming up from soil as sprouts, the garden is alive with springtime. I can tell there's been activity from other classes, keep up the great work your garden needs you!

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March 12, 2021

The Martinez Garden is looking great, moving into spring quite nicely. I've been spreading around the wood mulch in the orchard, focusing my time on that each visit and I'm making some strong headway, I'll be pretty excited to finish spreading it around the trees here in the next week or two: the trees will love it! The trees are doing great as it is, they are all starting to leaf out like the pomegranates and many are full of blooms (the apple and apricots, with the citrus getting ready).  The fig fruits are starting to swell up and get larger, there are lots.  A class could harvest the leafy greens and there is still some broccoli!  Most of the transplants from last week survived, and there still is plenty of other space to plant new seeds and/or transplants as we approach the middle of the planting season, so classes should feel free to plant as well!