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at martinez we are proud to work with green our planet! green our planet is a non-profit organization, dedicated to igniting curiosity, creating connections to the natural world and positively impacting the futures of kids, communities and the globe. thank you for helping maintain our garden!


a message from farmer tom

Volunteer Breakfast 2

The garden at Martinez ES is such a pleasure to work in, its beauty and vivacity coupled with the school's dedication to the garden inspired me to choose it as a main feature in a new project that Green Our Planet had asked me to do: takeover the company's Instagram stories for a day in the life of a farmer. I made a number of short posts featuring mostly the productivity of the garden and of course the mural on the wall, and posted them to Green Our Planet's IG account.

Of course, this didn't take up all my time, I still managed to clean up some of the weeds, debris, and dead plants around the garden, plus in bed #7 something had dug up a lot of the soil and strewn it around the bed, so I filled the hole back up--it wasn't a tunnel or a burrow, more like a dog making a hole to lie in. For harvesting, I noted a lot of the eggplant were still pretty small so I left them to get bigger, and there's still sunflower seeds and the usual greens and herbs: mint, chard, chives, sage, oregano, basil, etc, so please feel free to harvest those if you are so inclined.

Finally, I hit the composter with water and tossed the "quick tea" on bed #6 and in between the Kadota fig and the first of the pomegranate trees.

-farmer tom, 9/21

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