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at martinez we are proud to work with green our planet! green our planet is a non-profit organization, dedicated to igniting curiosity, creating connections to the natural world and positively impacting the futures of kids, communities and the globe. thank you for helping maintain our garden!


a message from farmer tom

Volunteer Breakfast 2

The Martinez ES garden is in full motion for winter, the students and I have been clearing out dead plants from the beds, harvesting everything that they can, and helping to spread the flower seeds around the beds. We picked the dried peppers off the dead plants, many of the students tasting them in the garden (they were not very hot) and sampled some of the herbs while we were in the garden, plus I harvested the broccoli and gave it to Mrs. Heu for their classroom. I spent most of my extra time there pulling out dead plants and pulling weeds around the beds, plus watering the compost and collecting the compost tea. The trees are in need of pruning soon, so any help with weeds and clean up around the garden would be greatly appreciated, and would clear me up to take care of the orchard.

For a short video lesson from our Virtual Academy, please follow this link: What is the water cycle? (2nd)

farmer tom, 1/26/22

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